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Thermal Insulation Contractor in Metro Manila

1. What is an Thermal and Noise Insulation System ?

TANIS - commonly known as synthetic stucco, is multi-layered exterior siding or cladding made of foam insulation board , reinforcing mesh ,a base coat, and an outer finish coat. It is designed to add a layer of insulation and make cosmetic improvements to the exterior of your house. An TANIS - is available in various colors and external textures designed to look like traditional stucco. In USA known a EIFS in Europe known a ETICS

2. Benefits for TANIS

TANI SYSTEMS - are aesthetically attractive to many people due to variety of colors ,waterproof and 90 % goods is import from Poland with 5 years factory warranty and European high quality. Most important - reduce electricity bills for aircon for more particulars please look page - about us; photo and videos

After thermal insulation

Before thermal insulation