Coporate Profiles

ANGELA POTERAJ - owner (filipino)

ANDRZEJ POTERAJ - thermo - insulation specialist (nationality polish)


TANIS mean thermo and noise insulation system

STYROPOL- mean insulation materials is styrofoam made i Philippine factory and all chemikals (adhesive,slimcoat plaster,paints) this is import from Poland


we can change our ugly old house for beautyful which will be looking like new beacuse TANIS STYROPOL insulated wall your house from outside and we put slimcoat plaster with color which you wish (roof insulation is more easy job) all your neighbours will be supraised how beautyful house stay in place where before was ugly

you save electricity for aircon possible pay twice less and with very hot summer 3 times less bills Electricity in Philippine very expensive after some years you have money back for all insulation investment

noise insulation -outside in your street terrible noise,if your house will be properly insulated inside is very quietly

if inside house is too hot you cant sleep cant work,your children cant learn (researches showed children who learn in too hot room have less effective for learn and worse results in school and adults in work

the richest country in Europe like Germany ,Denmark,Sweden they have almost 100% insulated houses ,little poorer like Poland,Czech Republic about 80% all houses and towers.For rich Europeans properly insulated house is the same posh like new mercedes or bmw

TANIS STYROPOL give warranty for technology well known from 30 years and we imports goods straight away from factory with certificate of quality the same like European costumers.We made order for the most expensive goods and the best quality,our target is rich Filipino owners houses, hotels, towers, restaurants, condominiums who can allow modernize the own house

his system is perfect for old house made from hollow blocks

don t need special permit from architect beacuse we not change structure of the house this is only like decoration

all imported goods have certificate ETA this mean European Technical Approvals and have permit sign CE .factory from Poland give 5 years warranty for any kind of product . EOTA European Organization for Technical Approvals check all products for common usage about 25 years without defect.

last layer of slimcoat is silicone basis the same like silicone paint the best known material for finishing house In Philippine i seen only cheap acrylic and latex paint in hardware shop never silicon paint and never silicon slimcoat plaster . It have properties UV resistant,acid rain resistant,long term color live ,water proof self cleaning properties this mean in rain time all dirts from dust polution etc. going down and your wall looking clean and like new

Part 2


When i was in Philippine first time in may hot summer time i live in hotel where aircon in my room work 24 h for full power and inside was still very hot.Full power this mean 1000 W per hour in each room .That cost of fortune. I spoken with owner hotel why he not make thermo-insulation .I relaze he dont know what about i speak with him and he dont know what is that and after that i spoken with plenty people including engeeners of construction and they the same dont know what is that.After that i was in plenty hardware shops and malls i cant find materials for thermo-insulation this was answer if shops not sell goods, workers dont know how to use that.Nowhere i can find insulated house or condominium ,and look all most important places like banks,hotels,hospitals etc. each hotels owner told me 30% income from guest going to electricity bills .One nice hotel in province room with aircon 1000 peso,the same nice and big room without aircon 500 peso.In Philippine typical house is made from hollow blocks and concrete plaster inside and outside.Simply and strong against typhoon and little earthquake,only bad against hot and noise.Thermo-insulation in Europe is popular from 25 years,big company spend billions and billions euro for new materials and technology use physics science. Concrete is 25 times worse insulator like styrofoam this mean heat transfer is 25 times slowly .Slowly transfer plus barrier against sun radiation give huge savings electricity for aircon.Any question and doubt please e-mail, especially welcome engeeners of construction to training to me very thanks

Andrzej Poteraj